Can mySKATE be used by children?

We cannot advise to use mySKATE on wheelchairs for children. mySKATE operates with a speed between about 15 to 18 km per hour… mehr »

Which slopes can I manage?

When driving slopes, please use gear # 4, with a slight run-up if possible. E-drive requires a certain frequency in rotation (rotational speed)… mehr »

Does device come with reverse gear?

A reverse gear is part of the standard components of MySlave. To drive in reverse gear, propulsion / drive will have to have… mehr »

Does device dispose of energy recuperation when using brakes?

Because of low-impact and high costs, recuperation is not a viable option.

How can I obtain ‚add-ons‘ regarding model maintenance and improvement?

All customers are eligible to obtain regular up-dates regarding research and development of MySLAVE. We also plan a MySLAVE club-membership exclusively for MySlave… mehr »

How fast can I go?

Maximum speed limit is 6 km/h, 14.9 km/h with permit to operate and insurance plaque. Device comes with TÜV qualification. TÜV will check… mehr »

Can I use brakes and gas handle simultaneously?

Use of both at the same time is not possible. EU regulation does exclude the use of brakes and gas handle at the… mehr »

May disk brake be added?

Upgrade with a disk brake is not feasible given limited installation space.

Which curb height is manageable?

You can pass lower(ed) curbs frontally in an angle of 90°. To surmount higher obstacles, you may slightly tilt wheelchair where possible. However,… mehr »

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