What are payment requirements / payment conditions?

What are payment requirements? Following consultation we will provide you with an offer. Once you accept our offer, payment of 50 % in… mehr »

Do I have to register mySKATE?

In Germany, it is mandatory to insure mySKATE if above speed limit of 6 km/h. KFZ registration is not required in Germany. KFZ… mehr »

What kind of vehicle category does mySKATE belong to?

Below is the official definition: „One-seater motor vehicle suited for physically disabled persons, electrical propulsion, net weight not exceeding 300 kg including battery,… mehr »

Is insurance for mySKATE obligatory?

Medical vehicles going between 6 und 14km are only allowed to participate in traffic if issued an insurance plaque. (Liability insurance of owner… mehr »

Has mySKATE been tested?

All relevant tests have been conducted. See norms in question.

Does mySKATE have to be examined regularly by TÜV?

No – and see corresponding permission to operate.

Does mySKATE meet all required norms?

Device meets all current norms and guidelines of EU. See corresponding confirmation upon delivery of device. (EN 12184:1999/EMV test according to examination report… mehr »

What is the maximum user weight?

MySlave currently has been tested for a weight of up to 100 kg.

Is it possible for my health insurance to cover mySKATE?

As traction device does not come with a medical aid number, coverage needs to be requested on a single-case basis. For economic reasons… mehr »

Does device come with a specific number for medical aids?

Rehability does not request, nor provide a specific number for medical aids.

May I drive on sidewalks?

In general, driving on sidewalks is forbidden with any device faster than 1,5-3km/h. However, for safety matters, safety concerns, driving on sidewalks oftentimes… mehr »

How long does warranty last?

Warranty for frame/basic construction lasts 2 years as well as 1 year for battery (with remaining capacity of 70 %). Wheels, handles and… mehr »

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