Can mySKATE be used by children?

We cannot advise to use mySKATE on wheelchairs for children. mySKATE operates with a speed between about 15 to 18 km per hour… mehr »

Avoid driving through standing water and puddles: May interrupt electric power supply.

Avoid stairs with shorter and higher steps. Doing otherwise would be dangerous.

Riding with hands free may cause accidents.

Avoid grinding of wheel(s). May impair drive

Avoid approaching curbs with too high speed. Otherwise, there is a high risk of impact

Driving too fast in a curve may cause tilting

What are payment requirements / payment conditions?

What are payment requirements? Following consultation we will provide you with an offer. Once you accept our offer, payment of 50 % in… mehr »

Do I have to register mySKATE?

In Germany, it is mandatory to insure mySKATE if above speed limit of 6 km/h. KFZ registration is not required in Germany. KFZ… mehr »

What kind of vehicle category does mySKATE belong to?

Below is the official definition: „One-seater motor vehicle suited for physically disabled persons, electrical propulsion, net weight not exceeding 300 kg including battery,… mehr »

Is insurance for mySKATE obligatory?

Medical vehicles going between 6 und 14km are only allowed to participate in traffic if issued an insurance plaque. (Liability insurance of owner… mehr »

Has mySKATE been tested?

All relevant tests have been conducted. See norms in question.

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