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mySKATE is a mini-traction device for wheelchairs. Its purpose is to support its user on longer, primarily flat roads. With its low weight and small, compact size it is ideal for traveling, including inner-city tours, narrow alleys and public buildings. The device was built for in- and outdoors. It is extremely robust. With its 6 inch front wheel it is capable to manage meadows, lighter gravel and uneven road surfaces. Yet, with daily life offering various challenges, this manual intends to provide information and useful help how to make the most of your mySKATE, what it easily can do for you, what you will need practice for, and what to avoid.
As of now you may obtain mySKATE for a remarkable price of 2.590 Euro (excluding add-ons and individual adapter) from REHABILITY Reha-Fachhandel GmbH in Heidelberg.
„Inclusion in practice!
Every road block may be manageable!’“
  • Motor: 250 watt
  • Range: approx. 20 km (depends on battery)
  • Speed: max. 15 km/h (9 mp/h) (with operating licence)
  • Slope: depends on surface
  • Height adjustability of mounted steering: 130 mm
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    Rechtlicher Hinweis

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    Which wheelchair models are suited on mySKATE?

    mySKATE as traction device can generally be fitted to most wheelchairs available on the market. What is required is that the front framework is well-constructed, ideally based on round tubes, capable to carry weight. In the case of ovalized, particularly light hydro formed tubes, adjustment ofmySKATE might only work in the area close to footrest tubes. In such cases, we would adapt / adjust starting with a lower leg lenght of 42 cm and more. In the case of models with footrests that can be folded-away, we require sufficient space of about 50 mm height. Up-to-date or contemporary models are listed in an overview in question, available under mySKATE on our home page. The list in question is regularly being updated following each new round of technical tests.

    Can I do it myself?

    Possible – but not recommended as only expert-conducted installation will provide optimal safety and guarantee a high quality standard. We recommend to leave installation to professionals! Not doing so would be at your own risk!! Will a swivel adapter be available? We are currently in the process of developing a swivel adapter. The initial version can already be looked up under videos. First versions of swivel adapters will be obtainable at a cost price.

    How can I attach and remove mySKATE?

    Attaching and removing is being done in 5 easy steps.

    1. Insert adapter handle head on.
    2. Secure rotating bolts on left and right side.
    3. Propulsion needs to be set onto ball-reception.
    4. Push steering wheel in center position forward and upward.
    5. Locks automatically….and you are ready to go

    Which handelbar mounts do exist?

    People oftentimes refer and resort to the so-called Double-Vario handelbar/Art.SLVA0001; a device enabling the user to adjust height, angle and rotation any time she / he wants to. This allows for maximum reach and adaptability. This handlebar can adjust to steering wheels with a clamping measurement of 25mm.



    How to switch on and off the battery?

    Battery can be turned on and off using a colored switch located in the front and on the side.

    To do so, battery briefly will have to be removed. (See Commissioning).

    Generally, power supply can be activated on display. If out of use for a while or during transport, battery should be removed and turned off, then on again.

    How can battery be built-in / removed?

    Unlatch handle with keys and remove battery. Installation of battery is easy. Put in battery so that metal strands are above each other and press backward. Battery should lock automatically.

    How long does battery last?

    With a weight of 75 kg, your average battery will last for about 20 km. Just like with any other electrical vehicle, reach depends on weight of user, on surface, stop and go style when driving, topography and pressure on set of tires. Thus, making precise prediction seems difficult.

    What kind of battery are we using?

    Our battery is based on lithium-ions. For more detail:
    Basic battery: approximately 1,4kg 158Wh/36V

    How long does it take to charge / recharge?

    Approximately 2-3 hours to fully recharge. About 1 hour for up to 80 % recharge.
    We recommend that you always fully recharge each time

    What kind of rechargers do we use / recommend?

    According to technical requirements in Germany, we will supply you with a light 230V charger with external power cable. We recommend you buy, obtain corresponding adapter plugs, as required for the UK, US and other countries.

    Technical specifics:
    SANS Li-ion-Charger.Model SSLC084V42
    Input :AC100V-240V 1.8A Max. Output 42.=V —1.8 A Outside of EU please use country-specific charger.

    How often can batteries be recharged?

    Battery can be recharged about 500 times. See also duration of recharge.

    When replacing battery: does anything else have to be installed?

    All our batteries have been manufactured the same way. All you have to do is remove and insert. Please also see ‘Inserting a battery’.

    Technical detail

    Technical Detail

    Does device come with installed lights?

    Lighting according to StvZo guidelines (article version SLLI0001) is available for a price 109.-€, optional. Set consists of removable front and rear light/ USB-chargeable. You can, however, use multiple lights available in stores. Use of light when driving in traffic is mandatory!

    What kind of brakes are we using?

    We are using drum brakes, propulsion wheel built-in.

    What kind of functions does your display have?

    Following functions are at your disposal:

    •  On-off
    • Selection of speed level 1-4
    • Reverse gear: press first and third button simultaneously (flash light); moving forward again: press first and third button.
    • Display of battery capacity

    Can I program my controller?

    Only manufacturer can program controller. Once delivered, all parameters for driving are set. By law, they cannot be changed or modified individually. Any attempts to interfere with initial programming will nullify, render non-applicable all warranty and liability rights vis-à-vis manufacturer and supplier. Additionally, increasing speed violates StVO and risk to be driving without permission (violation of the law).

    Which colors are available?

    MySLAVE is available in the following colors:
    Sun yellow

    Additional colors will be available in the course of 2015 / 2016 product development.

    What is the overall weight of mySKATE?

    With basic battery without adapter approximately 8,4 kg/ upon removing battery approximately 7 kg.
    Total weight with extender, without adapter, approximately 8,6 kg/ upon removing battery approximately 7 kg.
    Adapter unit approximately 2,4 kg

    Is weight going to be reduced further?

    As part of our product development strategy, we are in a steady process of aiming to further reduce weight relying on changes to construction, particularly with regard to adapter.

    Are we using a motor?

    Propulsion is being handled electronically. It does not rely on a motor.

    Is there a mobile phone holder?

    We are offering the following device, article N°SLPB0001 for 39.-€, optional. Device allows for flexible adaptation. More individual solutions are available online.

    What kind of handlebars/material can be supplied?

    We offer 2 prototypes as initial handlebars. You may choose between a flat aluminium model Art. SLL0001 without additional charge and a wider ergonomical version Zoom Rise 30 mm Art. SLL0003 for a surcharge of 39.00 €. We recommend use of ergonomical model. Currently (January 2015), we are developing a foldable handlebar to be stored more easily.

    Can I use other handlebars or upgrade them?

    You may use other handlebars generally obtainable from retailers and upgrade them accordingly. Width of handlebar should not exceed 480mm. Clamping range 25mm in diameter.

    How strong is our motor?

    Power rating of propulsion lies at 200Watt.

    What kind of motor are we using?

    Brushless hub motor 200W/36V, almost noiseless, no idler resistance!

    What kind of equipment is available?

    All equipment is listed on order forms and can be looked up in the information section.

    What kind of material does frame consist of?

    Anodized aluminium-powder coated.

    Who is conducting repairs if necessary?

    Your retailer will conduct all repairs. Warranty cases will be handled by manufacturer.

    Please see information section for affiliates/hotline.

    What happens in case of rain and humidity?

    MySLAVE is generally splashproof.
    This excludes transiting deeper water. Average puddles should not impact functionality.

    Beware that brakes and traction both relax when wet.

    What is the composition of a complete quadplegic version?

    For one of your two hands, we will use a throttle grip with large palmrest, as well as a conformed/thermally conformable carbon-tetra-fork. You will have to decide which side both grip and fork will be on. On the other side, there will be another, similarly constructed throttle grip with tetra fork, however, bare of electronics. A bowden (pull) connects the latter throttle grip with the brakes grip. Brakes can be activated by turning grip.

    Drive & Brake

    Drive & Brake

    Which curb height is manageable?

    You can pass lower(ed) curbs frontally in an angle of 90°. To surmount higher obstacles, you may slightly tilt wheelchair where possible. However, higher curbs should not be passed downwards without additional help if curb is higher than 6 – 10 cm.

    BEWARE! Please be mindful of steering wheel on your wheel chair!

    See corresponding video clips!

    May disk brake be added?

    Upgrade with a disk brake is not feasible given limited installation space.

    Can I use brakes and gas handle simultaneously?

    Use of both at the same time is not possible. EU regulation does exclude the use of brakes and gas handle at the same time. This corresponds with EU norms.

    How fast can I go?

    Maximum speed limit is 6 km/h, 14.9 km/h with permit to operate and insurance plaque. Device comes with TÜV qualification. TÜV will check your device for a fee, such as in the context or process of a health benefit / health insurance claim. Rehability, too, can conduct such checks.

    How can I obtain ‚add-ons‘ regarding model maintenance and improvement?

    All customers are eligible to obtain regular up-dates regarding research and development of MySLAVE. We also plan a MySLAVE club-membership exclusively for MySlave owners, with lots of choices to participate and contribute. Please regularly visit our homepage.

    Does device dispose of energy recuperation when using brakes?

    Because of low-impact and high costs, recuperation is not a viable option.

    Does device come with reverse gear?

    A reverse gear is part of the standard components of MySlave. To drive in reverse gear, propulsion / drive will have to have come to a stand-still.

    Press on-button and reverse gear symbol to activate reverse gear. (LED 1 flashes to your left, now you can maneuver with lower speed). Renewed pushing of on/forward button leads you back to regular speed and heading forward.

    Which slopes can I manage?

    When driving slopes, please use gear # 4, with a slight run-up if possible. E-drive requires a certain frequency in rotation (rotational speed) to evolve its full power and performance.

    It is possible to drive on incline of up to 12°. Keep in mind that slopes, lose and / or wet underground will result in considerably less traction.

    You thus need to be in a position to manage slopes with your upper body being bent forward. You can ideally check this out / test this during a test drive.

    Can mySKATE be used by children?

    We cannot advise to use mySKATE on wheelchairs for children. mySKATE operates with a speed between about 15 to 18 km per hour in a tandem with a wheelchair for adults. Speed in tandem with smaller wheelchairs would be higher. This would increase the risk of tipping. Also, adjustment of mySKATE to any wheelchair requires certain dimensions concerning tubes and frame on wheelchair. Overall, our assessment is, that mySKATE in its existing edition is NOT appropriate for children. mySKATE requires an insurance plate. Requirements in individual countries may vary.



    How can I obtain a permission to operate, as to obtain insurance?

    Your manufacturer will issue and make available a so-called ‘ABE’, individual type approval.


    You will receive a manual or online link upon delivery of device.

    Do I need a driver’s license?

    No driver’s license is required when driving MySlave. Users, however, should be able to drive device carefully.

    How long does warranty last?

    Warranty for frame/basic construction lasts 2 years as well as 1 year for battery (with remaining capacity of 70 %). Wheels, handles and covers are exempt.

    May I drive on sidewalks?

    In general, driving on sidewalks is forbidden with any device faster than 1,5-3km/h. However, for safety matters, safety concerns, driving on sidewalks oftentimes is unavoidable.

    Does device come with a specific number for medical aids?

    Rehability does not request, nor provide a specific number for medical aids.

    Is it possible for my health insurance to cover mySKATE?

    As traction device does not come with a medical aid number, coverage needs to be requested on a single-case basis. For economic reasons health insurance providers may be induced to make a positive decision. We are willing to do our best to help you provide your health insurance / insurance carrier with a well-formulated explanation requesting coverage within the overall context of health care provisions. Requesting and providing a HMV-number is not envisioned.

    What is the maximum user weight?

    MySlave currently has been tested for a weight of up to 100 kg.

    Does mySKATE meet all required norms?

    Device meets all current norms and guidelines of EU. See corresponding confirmation upon delivery of device. (EN 12184:1999/EMV test according to examination report 174 2 1813 14, from October 23rd 2014 ISO 7176-21 EN 55011:2009 + A1:2010 (IEC/CISPR 11:2009, modified +A1:2010 I.:

    „Requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility of electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters and battery chargers” II:

    ”Radio interference for industrial, scientific and medical high frequency devices, limits and measurement methods.”

    Has mySKATE been tested?

    All relevant tests have been conducted.
    See norms in question.

    Does mySKATE have to be examined regularly by TÜV?

    No – and see corresponding permission to operate.

    Is insurance for mySKATE obligatory?

    Medical vehicles going between 6 und 14km are only allowed to participate in traffic if issued an insurance plaque.

    (Liability insurance of owner / user generally covers vehicles with a speed lower than 6 km/h. ‘Medical elevators’ are required to carry an insurance plaque).

    To obtain insurance, a permission to operate (‚ABE‘) is required. Alternatively, an individual permission to operate may be required.

    The deadline for a new insurance always begins March 1st.

    What kind of vehicle category does mySKATE belong to?

    Below is the official definition:

    „One-seater motor vehicle suited for physically disabled persons, electrical propulsion, net weight not exceeding 300 kg including battery, exempt driver, body mass total of not more than 500kg, maximum speed not exceeding 15km/h, maximum width of 110cm and tail marking according to ECE .Regulation 69 (§4 paragraph.1 Line 2 FeVändV)“

    Do I have to register mySKATE?

    In Germany, it is mandatory to insure mySKATE if above speed limit of 6 km/h.

    KFZ registration is not required in Germany. KFZ registration with bi-annual examination however is mandatory in Germany when exceeding a speed limit of 15 km/h.

    What are payment requirements / payment conditions?

    What are payment requirements?

    Following consultation we will provide you with an offer. Once you accept our offer, payment of 50 % in total retail price becomes due.

    Receipt of payment instantly triggers the order and you will receive an order confirmation.

    Alternatively, you may pay the whole amount in cash or with EC / bank card.

    Our general business guidlines (‚AGBs‘) apply.


    You may submit any other question using the contact form below.


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